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Sometimes we are just out of our beauty products especially at the last moment. But now you don’t have to worry because today we brought something very special for you. We came up with 8 unusual beauty hacks that can be easily treated at home with easy on hand materials. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

You know what! There are some most unusual beauty hacks that can be treated with food. Isn’t amazing.

·       Blackheads:

Treat your blackheads with a small egg. An egg! Yes eggs are not just used to be eaten but it can be used to remove your blackheads. Which means egg white are best to unclog your pores.

Separate egg white and dip a small strip of paper towel in it. Put it on your nose. Brush some more egg white on top of your strip. Leave on to dry then pull it off gently.

·       Homemade Wax:

If you are out of your wax just at last moment then pick some most common things from your pantry.

Lemon juice of 1 large lemon

Sugar                  1 cup

Water                 1 cup

Mix all the things together and cook it on low flame until it will turn into slightly thick paste. Make sure not to make it too thick or too runny.

Apply this paste on to your body hairs. Make sure to cover them properly. Let this sugar wax solidifies onto your hairs and then pull it off from the opposite side of your hairs. And TaDAa! Get super silky soft and clean skin.

·       Cellulites:

Worried of having cellulites. Try out this easy body scrub.

Coffee grounds                  1 cup                 

Brown sugar                       1 cup

Olive oil                                ½ cup

Mix well and rub on your legs and thighs and see magic in few days. Use daily.

Coffee tightens skin dimples.

Swelled skin:

If you got hurt somewhere then soothe your skin with a brewed cold green tea bag. Tannins in tea helps to reduce swelling.

·       Natural teeth whitener:

If you are the one who suffers from yellowing of teeth and want to have a bright white cheesy smile then you must try out this amazing teeth whitener.

You will need:

Strawberry                          1 (mashed)

Baking soda                         1 tsp.

Give both of the ingredients a good mix. Brush your teeth with this mixture regularly. And have pearl white shiny teeth.

Enzymes in strawberry and soda lift stains and whiten your teeth.

·       Get rid of your dead skin feet:

We usually suffers from skin tearing, which might be very irritating sometimes. But you can now treat them with this simple trick and have softer feet then you have ever before.

Bananas                      3 peeled and mashed

Put the bananas in a large zip lock bag. Mash them. Dip your feet inside mashed bananas and leave it on for 20-25 mins. Wipe the residues with a damp towel. Potassium in the bananas help to shed your dead skin.

·       Dry Elbow:

If you have dry elbows especially in winters, then this hack is just for you.

Lime                   1

Sugar                  as required

Cut the lime halve. Dip it in the sugar and gently rub on to your elbows. Leave it on for 5-10 mins. Wash and apply some glycerin. Lime and sugar works best together to exfoliate your skin.

·       Tired Eyes:

Sometimes we worked on laptops or give too much screen time to our eyes which makes them tired and tingled. To soothe your eyes instantly.

Dip two cotton disks in cold milk, keep it on your eyes and relax for 15-20 mins. The enzymes in milk soothes your tired eyes.

·       Pimple:

UGH! Got a pimple at the last minute. Try out this

Aspirin               1 tablet

Water                as required

Dissolve aspirin in some water. Apply on to your pimple with a cotton bud. Wash after 15 mins. Keep applying until pimple gone.

·       Dark circles or puffy eyes:

Slept late! Got up with puffed eyes and dark circles, then this easy hack is for you.

Brewed coffee

Cotton rounds

Dip cotton rounds in brewed coffee and keep them on your eyes. Relax for 10 mins and your eyes are ready to feel fresh again.

·       Quick mask for glowing skin:

Chamomile tea                  1 cup brewed and warmed

Honey                                   1 tbsp.

Spring roll paper                1

Mix honey in chamomile tea. Dip a spring role paper in it and keep it on your face for 15-20 mins. Rinse and glow.

·       Dry your nail color quickly:

If you want to dry your nail polish quickly on your nails then dip your nails in icy cold water immediately after applying nail polish on your nails. It will quickly make it dry.

·       Quick hair mask for shiny hairs:

If you need a quick hair mask to get shiny and tangled free hairs then apply whipped coconut cream on your hair. Leave it on for 30 mins and then wash your hairs with a mild shampoo. You will get instant shiny and silky hairs.

·       Lip Tint for Dry and flaky lips:

If you want to get rid of your dry and flaky lips and want to have smooth pink lips try this out

Sugar                  1 tsp

Honey                1 tsp

Beetroot juice 1 tsp

Glycerin            1 tsp

Mix and make a lip tint. Apply when needed. This sugar scrub exfoliate your dry flaky lips whereas glycerin makes your lips softer.

·       Dandruff:

Treat your dandruff with this simple hack.

Mouthwash               1/4 to ½ cup

Baking soda               1 tbsp.

Mix both of them. Apply on your scalp with the help of cotton pads. Leave it for 20 mins and rinse.

These above hacks are tried and tested and will give you instant and fast results. Do try them and comment below which one is your favorite.

See YA!