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  1. About Pottery Barn Kids UAE

  2. Showcase of Pottery Barn Kids

  3. Pottery Barn Kids From?

  4. Services Provided By Pottery Barn Kids

  5. How does it work?

  6. Amazing Offers Of 2023

  7. Get Free Shipping Of All Order Over AED 300

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About: Pottery Barn Kids UAE

Pottery Barn Kids is an online kids` store that provides a huge collection of kids` accessories and clothing. Also, they have a huge variety of kids` furniture, making your children`s room more elegant and joyful.

Pottery Barn Kids was first established in 1890 in Kuwait; their founder was Alshaya Group. Alshaya is a dynamic family-owned enterprise. The CEO of Pottery Barn Kids is Marta Benson. This company leads by Pottery Barn.

Showcase of Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids have many kid`s accessories, including many amazing categories, which help make your kid`s room more beautiful and as your child`s fond. Pottery Barn Kids showcase their categories on their official website to make it easier for users to purchase and select the items easily.

  1. Baby essentials

  2. Kids

  3. Furniture collection

  4. Bedding

  5. Rugs

  6. School gear

  7. Bath

  8. Décor

  9. Baby gear

  10. Toys and play

  11. Gifts items

Pottery Barn Kids From?

Pottery Barn Kids designers, almost all of our items are created in-house, in our studio in San Francisco. You can buy their product at their location also.

Services Provided By Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids give great services to their customer; however, it`s delivery service, free design services, or helpline services, and they play well and give fast services.

How Does It Work?

  1. Connect With Us

  2. Fill Us In

  3. Explore Your Layout

  4. Find Your Look

  5. Leave The Details To Us

  6. Enjoy Your Space

Amazing Offers Of 2023

Pottery Barn Kids have an amazing offer for their customer in 2023; you get amazing sales on their kid`s products. And smartly save your money. Décor your kid`s room as per your children`s choices. Here are many amazing items for your kid`s room and school life. Try all things at very affordable prices.  


  • Up To 70% off on School Gear

Here Pottery Barn Kids gives you the best offer of 2023; you can get 70% off on kids` school gear; in this category, a lot of gear include in it, like, school packs, lunch, designers and friends, design resources and a lot of other brands to provide the best items for school.

  • Up To 70% off on Bedding

You can get the same offer here on Bedding, get up to 70% off on Bedding; in the Bedding category, many items, bed frames are available, and others accessories. Get all these at discounted rates while its ends.

  • Get Up To 50% Off On Toys.

You can get up to 50% off on toys; toys have a huge selection of kids` toys, including toys, playrooms, costumes, and treat bags. Get these entire things with a 50% amazing discount offer.

 To get more discount offers on other products, you can visit their official website to get these more offers.

Get Free Shipping on All Order over AED 300

Free shipping opportunity is one of the relaxing opportunities that everyone wants to get. Hence, Pottery Barn Kids give you the best opportunity to get free shipping on orders over AED 300.

Delivery Information:

Here we mentioned some important shipping information for your convince.

Delivery Area:

First, we mentioned that Pottery Barn Kids deliveries are available to all areas across the United Arab Emirates.

Delivery Options:

  1. Standard delivery

  2. Free delivery

  3. Small items above AED 300

  4. Large items above AED 1500

  5. Order will be delivered within 1 to 7 days

We Delivered To:

  1. Abu Dhabi

  2. Dubai

  3. Sharjah

  4. Ajman

  5. Fujairah

  6. Ras Al Khaimah

  7. Umm Al Quwain

  8. Al Ain

The Bottom Line:

Pottery Barn Kids is the best online store for kids` accessories and furniture. They also give you amazing offers in the year 2023. Avail of all these offers to get more discounts. To learn more about their product, visit their official website.