Are you excited to bring home your new dog and puppy? On one hand, you are unbelievably excited about your adorable new pet. And worried about his comfort zone and wants to buy something to get happy with his puppies. 


From blankets, beds, and bowls to chew toys, harnesses, and even books, here’s the gear that will help your new dog live happily in your home. 

Now we learn some exciting things with are necessary to buy for your new puppies or dog. 

Dog Collar With Leash 

This is the first and most important thing whenever you bought a new dog or puppy you must buy his collar and when you are buying your dog collar you should know about his neck size and perfectly fixed on his neck. 

Having a functional and comfortable collar for your dog is Key. This dog collar is not only reflective but also has a built-in GPS tracker just in case Rusty ever slips away. 

dog belt.png

As mentioned above, you will need a leash to go with that collar or harness. Aim for an Adjustable leash that comes in a variety of lengths. At the very least should be between four and six feet long.

Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls.

The second thing is more important that is stainless steel food and water bowls, you must have bought steel bowls because some dogs played with their bowl and create a mess, and sometimes the bowls are other materials that would be damaged from kicking and playing with them that’s why you need to buy steel bowl that saves you from any damaging and breaking.

dog bowl.jpg

Why do we buy stainless? Because it’s easy to wash and you can remove the food and wash it with soups.

Food Storage Containers for Dogs

This is the best way to save your dog food from any dust and other harmful bacteria.

To keep your dog food smell from penetrating every nook and cranny of your home you will need to store it properly.

food container.jpg

 It is a large food storage container and it can save your dog food from 10 pounds to 25 pounds or 50 pounds it is a large food saver. 

You need something durable enough to keep your dog from a free for all. The units are stackable and the main container sits on rotating casters for easy movement and positioning.

Love’s Cabin Elevated Dog Bed

A cooling mesh dog bed that’s elevated off the ground so they don’t get hot, constructed with breathable mesh fabric and set 7 inches off the ground, this elevated dog bed will keep your pop cool all night long. 

dog bed.jpg

It is light weighted yet ultra sturdy and is capable of holding up to 85 pounds. The cot-style bed allows air to circulate underneath so that a dog that tends to overheat can sleep comfortably.

Waterproof Pet Blankets

The waterproof pet blanket is a cozy and great-looking option to protect your couch or bed from spills, stains, and pet fur, and it is also an attractive throw on your sofa, chairs, or bed.

dog blanket1.jpg

It’s ideal for protecting carries, kennels, or seats in your car while you travel with your furry friend, this water-proof throw blanket is easy to clean and care for, simply machine washes cold tumble dry low.