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Most of the women suffers from muffin top. Muffin top is a roll of body fat that is visible around your lower waistline due to tight fitting of pants and trousers. Today in this blog you will be learn

ü Why do we suffer from muffin top?

ü Some steps that should be taken to get rid of muffin top easily.

Why do muffin top occurs:

Muffin top usually occurs due to too much sitting like some people have on desk jobs. It might occurs due to too much of sugar intake, eating fast foods, oily or junk foods.  The main another reason of having a muffin top is stress. When we are stressed out adrenaline and cortisol hormones in which our body stores sugar, which ends with the problem of having abdominal obesity.  To overcome these hormones our body needs to relax and a seven hour must sleep.

Some steps that should be taken to lose muffin top easily:

We need to take some steps to get rid of muffin top easily along with regular exercises.

·       Increase your daily fiber intake:

Eating fiber filled foods are very necessary if you want to lose your fat fast. Fibers helps to keep you fuller for longer time on a very fewer calories. So, if you would feel fuller you will eat less, and will not starve very often.

·       Say no to refined sugars and soft drinks:

You have completely cut down your sugar intake if you are serious in getting rid of muffin top. Sugars directly attack on your belly which results in lower obesity. Instead of using refined white sugars you can use jiggery or brown sugar or some honey in your daily cereals. Instead of having soft drinks you can switch to some fresh pineapple, orange or grapefruit juices. These juices are not only rich in vitamin C but it also helps to cut down your fats. Sip a warm cup of green tea with some lemon and a dash of honey in the morning to boost up your metabolism and make you feel lighter and fresh.

·       Cut unhealthy Carbs:

Cut down your unhealthy crabs like white rice, white flour. You are always welcome to take some good carbs like Sweet baked potatoes, homemade granola, Oats etc.

·       Eat healthy Fats:

Do take a portion of healthy fat in your diet. Mostly people who wants to lose their weight they usually avoid eating fats. Cut down your fats completely but that’s not a good option at all. Cutting down all fats from your meals may leads you to some serious problems out of which constipation is the major issue. Switch to olive oil, take peanut and almond butter instead of using margarines and butter.

·       Lean Protein:

Add lean protein in your diet. Lean proteins like fish, chicken or fat free lean beef would help to increase your muscles. Proteins are very beneficial for losing fat. Proteins helps to build up the muscles. According to a research we must take double protein of our weight like if we are of 60 kg then our daily protein intake would be of 120 grams.

·       Drink plenty of water:

Increase your daily water intake. It will help you to keep you fresh all day long. Especially a large full glass of water before ever meal will make you full and you will eat less.

·       Don’t sit too much:

If you are doing on desk job. Try to walk around for at least 5 mins after every hour. Especially 30 steps light walk after doing your lunch so that our body consume our food. If we sit right after eating food our body deposits fat on belly, muffin top, hips, legs, glutes and also leads to get cellulites.

·       Exercise:

Exercise is the most effective tool to get rid of fat from any part of your body. However we may lose fat from some parts of our body easily like we usually lose upper body fat instantly as we start doing exercise but losing your lower body fat is bit difficult however selection of right exercises will give you instant results.

Some great and effective exercises that helps to get rid of muffin top fast.

Here are some choice of good exercises that helps you to melt your muffin top fast.

Plie squats:

DO a set of plie squats 10-12 times.


2. Bicycle Crunches:

Bicycle crunches are said to be the best exercise that targets your lower belly, your oblique, and torso and give a burn to your muffin top. Do 20 on each side.



3. Side planks dips:

Side plank dips are effective workout that targets your muffin top and your booty. It gives a perfect shape to your lower body. This exercise is said to be the core killer exercise which helps to tone your muscles from obliques, shoulders, and legs from your heel to hip. It also strengthen your lower back muscles and trim down your lower waist. Do 10-12 reps of this exercise on each side.


4. Side crunches:

Side crunches are best to burn your muffin top. It also gives your waistline a nice shape. Side crunches helps you to get those six pack abs as it flattens your stomach. Do it 10-12 on each side.




5. Side-lying leg lifts:

Side-lying leg lifts targets your muffin top, your outer thigh muscles, glutes, hips and obliques. Do this 10-12 times on each side.

6. Side-lying leg circles:

Side-Lying leg circles are great workout for outer and inner thighs it also helps to shred down your muffin top fat. Do this 12 times on each side.

7. Windshield wipers:

Windshield wipers reduces your side hip fat and melt your muffin top. The move is best to stabilize your core and your rectus abdominus muscle. Do the exercise for 10-12 times on each side.




8. Russian twist: Russian twist targets your abs, helps to trim down your waist line and target your muffin top. The exercise used to work on the abdominal muscles and this exercise is meant for the women who wants to have smaller waist. It also works on your torso while doing twists.




9. Heel touches:

Heel touches are the perfect exercise for your lower abdomen and to shred your side abdominal fat. Do this exercise for 30 sec.

 10. Plank:

Plank are one of the best exercise that targets your all body fat. It helps to tone up your all body muscles.

Start doing plank from 30 secs and gradually increases it for up to 60 secs.




Do these given exercises for 1 week if you are on beginner level. After one week repeat the circuit one more time.

Perfect time to do these exercises is right after you get up in the morning will give you fast and effective results.