Who don’t want to have a crystal clear glass skin? If you are the one, then you are on the right place. Here is 4 step solution to get crystal clear glass skin in just 1 week.

We all are used to try out different beauty products to get clear skin. A clear glass skin is supposed to be spots and scars free, should be pore less, tight shiny and glowing. However, to achieve skin cleared like glass is difficult but it’s not impossible.

We have brought an easy 5 step guide to get clear skin like glass in just 1 week by using some non-expensive but super effective ingredients.

Let’s talk something about the main ingredients:

There are 4 major ingredients that will give you spotless skin.

1.   Tomato

2.   Potato

3.   Flex seeds

4.   bananas

1.   Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants properties. They work as natural astringents. Tomatoes are high source of vitamin C which is very beneficial to reduce spots, and Vitamin A which is helpful to tighten your skin. Tomatoes contain natural bleaching agent which makes your skin clearer day by day. Due to high content of acidic nature, tomatoes treats acne and is effective reduce excess oiliness from your skin. Drinking a full glass of tomato juice daily will treat your skin problems from inside. However it can be used in different face masks to give you clear, fresh, glowy, tight and pore less skin.

Following are some benefits of tomato that we can get by using this natural product daily.

a.   Treats acne

b.   Removes acne scars

c.    Treats pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation

d.   Improves blood circulation

e.   Remove dead skin cells and helps in production of new cells

f.      Tightens skin

g.    Treats open pores

h.   Brightens skin complexion

i.      Treats two toned skin

j.      Act as a natural sunscreen and lots more..,

What else are we looking for to treat our skin problem? I think 1 tomato is all you need to have that super fresh glowing and clear skin.


2. Potatoes:

Potatoes have some hidden treasures for skin. We all used to get something that makes our skin white. So, if you are one of them, then potatoes are the right choice for you. Potatoes have some natural whitening agents in it that will make your skin white. The main enzyme called “catecholase” in potatoes treats darken skin tone, it also treat dark patches, melisma, dark circles, pigmentation and hyper-pigmentations, sunspots, etc. It also brighten your skin complexion giving it natural glow on your face and even-out your skin tone.

3. Flex seeds:

Flex seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It helps to hydrate your skin, it also facilitate our skin by producing elasticity. Flex seeds increases the natural collagen production from deep inside your skin. It reduces wrinkles, tightens your skin, and works as best anti-aging gel.

ü 5 steps to have crystal clear glass skin:


§  Cleansing:

For this you will need slice of tomato.

Dip one tomato in honey and few drops of lemon juice on to it. Rub this slice on all over your face. For 1-2 mins. Throw the slice after rubbing and leave the extract on to your skin for 10 mins. Wash it with water.

Step 2:

§  Exfoliate:

In the second step take 2 tbsp. of tomato juice and mix it with 1 tbsp. of curd and 1 tbsp. rice flour.

Give it a nice mix to make a paste. Apply this paste on all over your face and allow to let it work on your face for 15 mins. Wet your hands and rub gently this scrub. Wash it off with water.

Step 3:

§  Toner:

In this step we have to prepare a flex seed rose gel. This flex seed gel can work as the toner.

Flex seeds                   ½ cup

Rose water                 2 cups

Take flex seeds and pour rose water. On low flame, bring it to boil, stirring occasionally. Keep it cooking until it turns into frothy gel. Strain the liquid when slightly cool. Keep it in the jar and store it in the fridge for up to 1 month. Use daily. Apply it on your face leave it for 10-15 mins. Wash it off.

Step 4:

§  Mask:

It’s time for a good rejuvenating mask for your skin that f=gives a perfect glow on your face. For this mask you will need

Banana mashed 1-2 tsp.

Green tea             1 sachet

Honey                    1 tsp.

Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your face. Let the paste dry on your face and then wash it off with cool water.

Bananas are full of potassium which makes our skin smooth and it also helps to treat sunspots and freckles, whereas rich source of anti-bacterial properties found in green tea heals the acne and its scars. Its anti-oxidants reduces inflammation and redness.

Step 5:

§  Serum:

The last step of this 1 week crystal clear skin routine is to apply serum. This serum treats dark patches and spots. It will help to clear out your skin, and makes your pores looks less visible. It brightens your skin complexion and you will get fairer skin day by day.

For this serum boil 1 washed clean and peeled potato in 2 cups of water boil it until ¾ cups left. Let it cool down. Add few drops of almond oil and juice of ½ lemon in it and your serum is ready. Fill it in a clean spray bottle and keep it the fridge. The serum can be stored for up to 1 month.

Spray this serum daily before going to bed.

Almond oil contains natural vitamin E. vitamin E is said to be the best ingredient for skin. It treats aging signs, the fatty acids found in almond oil keeps your skin moisture and levels your skin pH balance. It makes your skin smooth and soft. Almond oil prevent your skin from UV and UVB rays which means it can treat skin tanning.

Follow this 5 step routine daily for 1 week and get clear skin like glass, it also make your skin glow and fresh, not just that it will prevent your skin from further breakouts, skin tanning and sagging. You may continue this routine for up to 1 month for best results.