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About: Bug Bakes

Bug Bakes is an online store that provides insect protein dog food. While a student at The University of Glasgow, I, Ross, the founder, and CEO, read about insect protein and was horrified to hear that raising cattle had such a terrible impact on the environment. I, therefore, decided to take action.

So, after spending a lot of time setting up a perfect platform, bug bakes faces a lot of trouble because its founder needs to learn the business. They are getting all of the bruising and dent along the way. But all after this they achieve their targets.

Bug Bakes is one of the famous stores to provide insect protein dog food, which dog owners like. People love products for their dogs. That`s why Bug Bakes has a 5-star rating from their beloved customers.

Did You Know?

One of the most damaging human activities to the environment is livestock farming.

  1. Pet food accounts for a fourth of this industry`s global effects.

  2. Insect farming has a much smaller environmental impact than cow farming, offering the same nourishment.

Bug Bakes Mission

To create goods that are as beneficial to the environment as they are for your dog to lessen the environmental effect of pet ownership.

The Best Discount Codes Of 2023

Bug Bakes gives the best offer on their products. They update the new discount codes for 2023. Which have a lot of unique discount codes on their multiple products? Get your favorite dog food at a much-discounted rate.

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Avail large 25kg for just €1.67/ Day; this is the best opportunity to save your money more in kg. Get this offer while it`s ending. Here is a lot of offer regarding the kg`s items. You can visit their official website for a fantastic discount for 2023.

Free Shipping on All Orders

Bug Bakes does not charge any additional charges on deliveries. They can provide free shipping opportunities on all orders. Feel free to purchase from here.

The Bottom Line:

The story behind Bug Bakes is such an arduous journey, but now day is the best leading store on the internet. Dog owners like their products for their dogs. So get their product at discounted rates and amazing offers on multiple products. Save more, pay less.