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How to Stay Healthy and Safe At home During Quarantine


As we all know that the world has hit by Covid19 and the situation is going worse day by day. To prevent from this deadly virus we all are advised to stay at home and quarantined ourselves for our safety.

But to save us from coronavirus we all should have to take some safety measures which not only helps us to protect from this virus but also boosts our immunity and energy to fight against it. Following the safety measures will not only save you but it will also save your other family members too.

While staying at home it might makes us lazy and sluggish, and it is due to following of some uncertain routine such as eating too much, just laying on our beds watching Netflix or sleeping on odd times, they all can cause some other health issues too.

Here are some easy steps which you need to follow during Quarantine:

·       Wash your Hands regularly:

As we all are well aware to wash our hands regularly after 1 hour to save us from any bacteria.

·       Eat healthy to improve your health:

We all should eat healthy foods which improves our health from inside. There are some foods that boosts our energy levels and makes our immune system strong. If we have a strong immune system our antibodies can fight with the viruses. Some suggested foods that should be taken during Quarantine are fresh green vegetables, fruits especially citrus fruits, lean meats, fish and eggs to provide protein, iron and vitamins to your body. Always try to eat freshly cooked food, avoid eating stale foods.

·       Drink Hot Beverages:

Drinking hot beverages can keep your throat calm and clear. Try to drink 1 litre of Luke warm water every day. Include ginger green tea after meals, as ginger is said to be the best immunity booster, start your day by drinking lemon and honey water. You can also add a little piece of cinnamon stick to your tea. Here I am sharing a recipe of my favorite golden milk which I used to take every night before sleeping and trust me it is the best thing that I have ever take to keep me healthy and strong.

Golden Milk:

Milk                                        1 ¼ cup

Honey                                     1 tsp

Turmeric powder                    ¾ tsp

White pepper powder (Optional)   pinch of

Cinnamon stick                    1 very small

Heat milk in a pot add all the ingredients except honey and white pepper. Cook the milk on low flame until 1 cup of it left. Stir continuously. Pour it in your drinking cup and let it steep for a minute then add honey and white pepper and sip it.

·       Take Proper Sleep:

Our body needs time to restore its energy, for this process it needs proper sleep. Avoid sleeping late nights and try to sleep as early as you can. Our body makes more antibodies to fight against the germs while we are sleeping. As you are at home you can also take a small nap in afternoon.

·       Exercise regularly:

No matter if you cannot hit the gym, be consistent on doing your regular workouts at home you can also opt. for a brisk morning walk if you have a garden area in your house. Breathing in fresh air will makes your lungs more strong. Practice yoga daily to keep your mind fresh from all the worries and tensions.

Limit use of cellphones and Televisions:

This Quarantine time is such a blessings for ones who always wants to enjoy time with their family. Limit yourself of using cellphones and televisions as excessive usage of such technologies may cause some serious health issues such as, it can makes our children hyperactive, can cause serious psychological effects on your mental health ( as we are continuously watching heart wrenching news). Try reading some good books. Spend time with your children and enjoy doing some activities with them, its great time to build strong relation with your children. Our brain throws some positive ions when we feel happy. Try to be happy to achieve that positivity for a healthy brain and body.

Those were some tips that I have been following since I quarantine myself and they are not only easy to follow but they also gives me power, a power to fight against coronavirus, a power to feel positive, power to increase my immunity and health.