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Grow Thicker Eye Lashes and Eyebrows Naturally DIY Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream


Eyes are always said to be the Gateway of Love. Beautiful eyes always catches everyone’s attention. Who else don’t like to have a super smoky eye makeup with the charm of thick long eyelashes? We used to have fake eyelashes usually. But what if we have our own thick and long eyelashes that would be with you always even if you are not wearing makeup.

In my today’s blog I will challenge you to try out this most amazing DIY eyelash growth serum for seven days and start seeing your lashes grow insanely.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

I used to have very thin eyelashes and as a MUA I always used fake lashes to give my makeup look more outrageous. But not now as soon as I started using this DIY eyelash growth serum I wondered that how fast my eyelashes are started growing. So, after using this serum continuously for up to 3 weeks I feel my lashes are growing thicker and thicker day by day. So, no more fake lashes and no more eye lash extensions after using this great eyelash serum.

Ø What makes this serum so special?

You know what! There are some most amazing oils that helps a lot in hair growth weather it’s about your hairs, your eye lashes or your eyebrows, these oils are always helpful in growing your hairs, and you will notice baby hairs coming after using it for several times. Oils contains nourishing elements that makes your lashes strong. It also conditions the hair follicles and also helps to grow thick lashes simultaneously.

Ø Here are top five oils that will help you in eye lash growth.

Castor oil

Almond oil

Olive oil

Vitamin E

Coconut oil

Ø Eyelash Growth serum:

This serum contains the goodness of two extra ordinary oils that are well-known for hair growth as well as known to make them thicker.

 You will need:

Castor oil                       3 tbsp.

Vitamin E capsule        1

Almond oil                     2 tbsp.

Sterile container and a clean mascara wand or brush.

Mix all the oils together and keep it into a clean sterile container.

How to use:

Using a clean mascara wand apply this serum daily before going to bed starting from inner corner to outer corner of the eye and also on your down lashes from root to tip.

The fatty acids in castor oil makes it amazing nourisher that helps not only to grow new lashes but also make them extremely thicker.

You have to use this serum religiously daily for 6-8 months. You will start noticing significant change in their thickness and length with in the first 2 weeks.

Ø Best serum to grow eye lash and eye brows:

Here is another serum that will not only helps to grow your eyelashes but it also makes your eye brows thick.

For this serum you will need:

Olive oil                  1 tsp

Lavender oil          1 drops

Argan oil                2 tsp.

Mix the oils thoroughly and keep it into a clean old mascara container. Carefully apply this serum on to your lashes

Alternatively use can use your fingers to apply this serum to coat your lashes properly.

Use this serum daily before going to bed.

Argan oil:

Argan oil in this serum contains natural Vitamin E that provides moisture. The antioxidants helps to fight free radicals that cause breakage and lack of growth and the fatty acids helps to strengthen your hairs and therefore makes your lashes grow thick and long.

Regular use of these eye lash serums grow your eye lashes and eye brows thick, long and strong so that you can feel comfortable without wearing fake lashes or extensions. So, who does not love to have voluminous lashes? Try out these super easy to make lash serums and get thick and long lashes naturally.

We are not end up now, now I will tell you to fade away your crow feet and wrinkles around your eye area with the help of this amazing DIY anti-aging eye cream.


Eye creams are very important. It should be applied twice daily. Regular face creams does not provide full benefits around eye area. The area around our eyes are very delicate therefore it need something that should be very gentle. The ingredients used in this anti-aging under eye cream revitalize the under eye area, it nourishes and brighten up, soothes and calm the surrounding of your eyes and along with that it gradually helps to fade away your fine lines and wrinkles.  

Ø For this amazing DIY anti-aging eye cream

You will need:

Aloe Vera gel                                2 tbsp.

Argan oil                                        2 tbsp.

Rose hip oil                                   2 tsp

Vitamin E capsule                        1

Almond oil                                     1 tsp

Frankincense essential oil          15 drops

Shea butter                                   ¼ cup

Cocoa butter                                 1 tbsp.


First make sure that all the utensils you are using to make this cream should be clean and dried. Make sure to have a clean, sanitized container. Clean it further with alcohol swab.

Melt shea butter and cocoa butter by using double boiler method. Mix argan and rose hip oil in it after melting. Keep this mixture aside to cool down to room temperature. Don’t make it solid.

Whisk and mix all the other ingredients altogether.

Mix it in the prepared shea and cocoa butter mixture and whip it on high speed for 10 mins to fully incorporate all the ingredients.

Transfer the mixture into the prepared clean container.

You can keep this mixture in cool and dry place for up to 3-4 months.

Apply this on your under eye area. You can also apply this cream on your whole face too.

Frankincense oil:

Frankincense has many benefits in skincare. It helps to treat scars, spots, brightens up your skin tone, prevent your skin from sagging, fades away your wrinkles, brings a natural glow and treats acne problems too. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties and therefore can be used as a best toner and astringent.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil very biennial for freckles, it helps to treat melisma, dark skin patches, sun spots and two toned skin. It is very gentle and absorbs quickly in to your skin, locks the moisture inside your skin and make it more fresh and glowy.

This anti-aging cream can be used twice daily to prevent age signs around your eyes and your face. It makes your skin soft and free from spots.